Mint vs. Quicken Review

Most people I know cringe when they hear the word “budgeting.” Even though you may rather watch grass grow or paint dry instead of dive into your finances, research has shown that individuals who actively budget and track their spending end up with less debt, more peaceful lives and a better nest egg for retirement.The old way of budgeting (a pencil and paper, or even some type of spreadsheet) is a thing of the past thanks to two great pieces of budgeting software offered by the Intuit Company: Mint and Quicken. Which one is best for you? Both work well but there are distinct differences you should be aware of before making a final decision.Quicken is a true piece of financial software that you buy, download and install onto your computer. This allows you to use the program without a connection to the Internet. It is popular with many users because it acts as a “one stop shop” for personal finances, including allowing you to pay bills, track spending, monitor bank account balances and establish pre-determined budgets. There are mobile versions of the software but you have to text Intuit to retrieve current account balances. Some people may find this Intuit product to be somewhat overwhelming, especially if they are not comfortable with computers or budgetting software in general.If using budgetting software seems a bit prehistoric to you Mint is a great alternative. This service is completely free and can be accessed only through the Internet. There are also iPhone and Android applications where you can easily view transactions and current account balances. It also has a really nice budgeting feature which automatically fills in the spending category a particular transaction fits. You’ll find though that the spending category assigned to a transaction is oftentimes incorrect. Navigation through the website is simpler and more intuitive than other financial software but there is no option to pay bills.

Choosing between these two programs can be difficult because they are so similar. For many, the ability to use Quicken as an all-in-one tool for not only watching your money but also paying bills will be the clincher. Others love the ease by which Mint allows you to track your accounts through your phone or tablet. Regardless of which piece of financial software you use, start today to take more control of your money, spending and retirement.


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